Photography Service

We believe the idiom "A picture is worth a thousand words" still rings true today. A good quality set of images showing your completed service or product can do wonders for your reputation and drive wider interest.

Onsite photography

If your business has premises then potential clients will always want a peak. Sure you could use your smartphone but it will never impress as much as a professional using an SLR camera. Advantages include/ dynamic angles, interesting compositions, professional post production retouching to remove blemishes, imperfections and to achieve consistent colour balancing throughout the set.

Product photography

Most products are relatively small. So they require highly close up photography. The tricky bit is that the lighting has to be perfect and even then, every spec of dust and blemish will be visible needing retouching. We can help make your product look stunning!

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Model photography

Using models can be an expensive business, but we can offer the full service including all the backup services needed. If that is not in your budget we have a large catalogue of models that we can photoshop various products onto. They look so effective that nobody would ever know you didn't book your own fashion shoot!

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